Xavier de Maistre is artist in residence 2020

The harpist has already been a guest at the SHMF four times, now he is returning to Schleswig-Holstein as a portrait artist and will be giving a total of 18 concerts next summer. 

At the age of 24, Xavier de Maistre became principal harpist of the Vienna Philharmonic, and since 2010 he has devoted himself to his solo career with great success. He has received numerous awards, holds a professorship at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg and also teaches at the Juilliard School New York, Toho University Tokyo and Trinity College in London. 

"My greatest aim is to make feelings and ideas audible: perhaps a singing voice and an infinite number of timbres, which one does not necessarily associate with the harp." Xavier de Maistre

The harp has always provided a heavenly nuance in the orchestra sound. It is seldom in the limelight as a solo instrument. The French harpist Xavier de Maistre has changed all that. His career began with the Vienna Philharmonic, since 2010 he has devoted himself exclusively to his solo career. De Maistre performs with renowned orchestras, chamber music ensembles and as a solo artist on the world's major stages, presenting the multifaceted nature of his instrument.

All concerts that the harpist performs together with musical friends can be found here