Information on ticket purchase

Dear guest,

please note that in the course of our hygiene concept, seats are mainly available in pairs (2, 4 or 6) and only to a limited extent in odd numbers (1, 3 or 5). Please select the colour-coded seating groups in the seating plan according to your needs. You must book these seat groups in their entirety.

Due to limited capacity, a maximum of six tickets can be booked per concert.

You are also welcome to use the waiting list if the price group you want for a concert is no longer available. If additional seats go on sale at a later date for that concert, we will inform you of this.

Please have a full-fledged mouth-nose protection at hand. A possible masking obligation, testing obligation or vaccination obligation depends on the short-term valid regulation. We continually update our information on the applicable hygiene regulations at

Answers to frequently asked questions about SHMF 2021 and ticket purchasing can be found in our FAQs.