Di 18.08.2020 | 20 |Basthorst | Kuhstall | K 173

Akkordeon explosiv

Akkordeon explosiv

Martynas Levickis, Akkordeon

Kuhstall Auf dem Gut 3, Basthorst,

Akkordeon Panorama

Praised by The Times for his “mastery of an instrument once dismissed as a squeezebox,” Martynas Levickis has a clear goal: He has set out to redefine the accordion’s image and to show that this instrument can be used in an extremely versatile way. He learned the traditional folk music of his home country Lithuania at the age of three and later went to London to study at the renowned Royal Academy of Music. In 2010, he won the Lithuanian version of “America’s Got Talent” and has since changed the perception of his instrument with his virtuoso and varied interpretations from Baroque to tango to pop. His programs are musically so diverse that you will hear songs from Antonio Vivaldi, Astor Piazzolla, and Lady Gaga all in a single evening. Full of youthful energy, he experiments with different timbres, free from traditional conventions. The chamber orchestra “Mikroorkéstra,” which he founded in 2015, offers Martynas Levickis even more space for free rein over his creative artistry.

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