So 25.08.2019 | 19 |Kiel | Förde Sparkasse am Lorentzendamm | K 197

Bach on Sax

Bach on Sax

Asya Fateyeva, Saxophone
Valeriya Myrosh, Piano

Förde Sparkasse am Lorentzendamm Lorentzendamm 28-30, Kiel,


She took her first piano lesson at the age of six. “And the first thing you play is Bach, especially the Two-Part Inventions,” says Asya Fateyeva in the television program “KlickKlack” of Bavaria's public broadcasting service BR. The native Ukrainian, who came to Germany at the age of 15 with her parents to study the saxophone, obviously cannot imagine that Bach’s Inventions are unsolvable problems for most children. Asya Fateyeva is an outstanding talent, so it was easy for her to play Bach. Of course, when she switched from the piano to the saxophone at the age of ten, Bach was back on her music stand. Even today, the 27-year-old Ukrainian, who now lives in Hamburg, still loves Bach’s works, in addition to the original works for classical saxophone. She plays his masterpieces for violin and piano with such a beauty of sound and sensitivity that many would hardly guess the instrument without looking.

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