Fr 30.08.2019 | 20 |Warder | Steinpark | K 216

Bidla Buh

Bidla Buh

Bidla Buh

Steinpark Seehof 1, Warder,

Jubilee program – 20 years Bidla Buh!

They look so charming, the three gentlemen in tailcoats! But watch out! Things are much different than they seem, because the three men, who come across so gentlemanlike, are actually sly old dogs. Equipped with the finest outfits, they offer music comedy of a particularly weird kind. They blow on garden hoses and beer bottles, parody stars of the German and international music scene, and marry Alm-Jodler with Spanish castanets and flamenco licks. They turn everything upside down and shake things up again; rhymes and melodies are mixed up and sometimes take on curious forms. A real laughter-inducing cornucopia of crazy, twisted ideas pour out of the three Hamburg natives onto their audience.

Supported by Peter Glindemann Kieswerke-Erdbau-Abbruchtechnik GmbH & Co KG

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39 € / 33 € / 23 € / 16