Schauspieler; Sänger
Sun. 31 Jul. 20227:30 p.m.Kiel PetruskircheK 111
Sun. 31 Jul. 20227:30 p.m.Kiel PetruskircheK 111

Dominique Horwitz


Dominique Horwitz, speaker
Mihaela Costea, violin
Amihai Grosz, viola
Andreas Wylezol, double bass
Alessio Vicario, clarinet
Musicians of the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra
Omer Meir Wellber, piano and conductor


Igor Stravinsky:
“The Soldier’s Tale”
Alfred Schnittke:
Piano quintet

Ticket price

58 / € 48 / € 38 / € 15

A magic book that promises fairy-tale wealth – who wouldn't willingly give up an old, scratched violin in exchange? The protagonist in Igor Stravinsky’s “Soldier’s Tale”, at any rate, enters into the bargain. But the deal is made with the devil and the violin is representative of the soul, and so the soldier’s path ends where it must: in hell. In his parable-like work of musical theater, written at the end of World War I, Stravinsky impressively poses the question, as valid today as it was then, of what constitutes a happy life. Alongside the chamber music of this classic tale, the piano quintet by Alfred Schnittke will also be performed, a “commemorative composition” that is as personal as it is expressive, in which new music is closely interwoven with sounds of the musical tradition. But the concert is also a real insider tip because of its instrumentation: You won’t have to decide between experiencing SHMF portrait artist Omer Meir Wellber or another internationally renowned star like Veronika Eberle, Steven Isserlis or Dominique Horwitz, or attending a concert by the young, highly talented musicians of the Festival Orchestra – for this performance, they are all coming together in one evening!

Sponsored by Förde Sparkasse

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