Do 29.08.2019 | 20 |Eutin | Freilichtbühne, Open Air | K 214

Gustav Peter Wöhler

Gustav Peter Wöhler

Gustav Peter Wöhler Band

Freilichtbühne, Open Air Am Schlossgarten 7, Eutin,

Behind Blue Eyes – 22 years jubille tour

He does not have blue eyes. A disdainful blue-gray would be more like it. “Blue-gray” is what is says in his agency profile. It also says: Born in 1956, height: 5’6”, hair color: dark blond, dialect: Westphalian. Of course, Gustav Peter Wöhler does not need to rely on his outward appearance to make an impression – the German audience loves him just the way he is. Wöhler simply knows no inhibitions. What most of us only dare to do in secret, he shows us on stage – in front of everyone’s eyes.   He lets out all his emotions and completely surrenders to his favorite songs, singing, sweating, ripping his clothes off. All this, of course, with a lot of self-irony; after all, you do not have to take everything so seriously. But what he takes seriously is his art, his music, and he has been doing so for 22 years. So why wait for 25? 22 is a beautiful figure and reason enough to celebrate the artist and to present the audience with a great new program.

Supported by Sparkasse Holstein and Stiftungen der Sparkasse Holstein

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