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Francesco Piemontesi

Francesco Piemontesi, Piano

Förde Sparkasse am Lorentzendamm Lorentzendamm 28-30, Kiel,

Franz Schubert:
Impromptus op.142 D 935
Maximilian Schnaus:
Neues Werk for piano (première, a commissioned work for SHMF)
Robert Schumann:
Kreisleriana op.16

Written in March and April 1838, Schumann originally intended to devote his "Kreisleriana" to Clara Wieck. On April 14, he writes to her: “Clara, [...] since my last letter, I've finished another full notebook of new things. I want to call it “Kreisleriana,” because you and thoughts of you play a central role. I want to dedicate it to you – you and nobody else. You will smile so sweetly when you recognize yourself in the piece.” But since Clara did not think it was such a great idea for Schumann to risk starting an argument with her father, Schumann ended up devoting his Opus 16 to “his friend, Mr. F. Chopin.” Chopin however, already doubted with reference to Schumann's "Carnaval," whether one could still call it music at all. There has been no question for a long time now that it is indeed music. "Kreisleriana", in particular, is pure genius of incomparable magnitude, especially because of the madness, bizarreness of form, and extreme expressive antagonisms woven throughout. With the Swiss-born Francesco Piemontesi, the SHMF has recruited a renowned Schumann expert to interpret this peak of German Romanticism.

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