Mi 10.07.2019 | 20 |Hamburg | St. Katharinen | K 19

Koopman & Mathot

Koopman & Mathot

Klaus Mertens, Bass baritone
Ton Koopman, Harpsichord and Organ

St. Katharinen Katharinenkirchhof 1, Hamburg,

Works by Bach, Mozart and others

“There are 16 sets of pipes in the church organ at St. Catharine’s in Hamburg.  The dear Kapellmeister in Leipzig, Mr. J. S. Bach, who once made himself heard for 2 hours playing on this - excellent piece of craftsmanship in all its parts - as he put it, could not sufficiently praise the beauty and uniqueness of the sound of the organ’s pipes. This is how Jakob Adlung begins his 1726 book Musica mechanica organoedi. He is referring to Bach’s second visit to Hamburg in 1720, when the later Cantor at St. Thomas applied for the position of organist at St. Catharine’s. Bach had already visited St. Catharine’s 19 years earlier. From Lüneburg, the 16-year-old Latin student had set off on foot to Hamburg to hear the organ superstar of that time, Johann Adam Reincken. Ton Koopman will now play the main organ of St. Catharine's, an instrument Bach himself once played. Together with the great Bach interpreter Klaus Mertens, he will present works for solo organ, for harpsichord solo, as well as for vocals and basso continuo.

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