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Stadtpark, Open Air Saarlandstr. 71, Hamburg,

Tour 2019

The cult band LaBrassBanda has been bringing their “alpine jazz techno” music to the public for twelve years, and yet the audience still asks for more of this wild mix by the Bavarians. These seven unique mood-makers play barefoot wearing lederhosen, rap in Bavarian, and heat up the audience with their brass music. Yet the troupe insists that they make genuine folk music: music by the people for the people, bursting with life and loads of fun, sung in the Upper Bavarian dialect. With their rapid “Bavarian” techno, their “calculated chaos,” and their good moods, they have long since conquered stages around the globe including those at the SHMF in 2014. By the way: founding member Andreas Hofmeir, who left the troupe in 2014 to devote himself more to his solo career, will also be a guest at the festival this summer. Together with the violinist Benjamin Schmid, he forms the amusing and entertaining duo “Stradihumpa,” which performs Bavarian Oom-pah-pah music on a Stradivari.

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