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Mit Feuer!

Mit Feuer!

Trio con Brio Copenhagen

Alte Reithalle Gutshof 1, Kletkamp,

Carl Nielsen:
Klaviertrio G-Dur
Bent Sørensen:
»Phantasmagoria« für Klaviertrio
Ludwig van Beethoven:
Klaviertrio Nr. 1 D-Dur op. 70 »Geister-Trio«
Johannes Brahms:
Klaviertrio H-Dur op. 8 (Fassung von 1889)

“Twenty years is a remarkable milestone for any ensemble,” says pianist Jens Elvekjaer. When it comes to Trio con Brio Copenhagen, everyone knew from the beginning that they would find their musical identity as a group: “It has something to do with the structure of a trio, with this triangle that somehow bundles and reinforces the special understanding we all have as people and musicians. It is freedom and fulfillment at the same time.” In 2019, Trio con Brio celebrated its 20th anniversary with a complete recording of all piano trios by Ludwig van Beethoven. In keeping with their name, they interpret his Ghost Trio from 1809 in a modern and up-to-date fashion, always harmonizing the interplay of the trio down to the smallest detail (con Brio = with fire). In addition to their classical repertoire, the musicians of the trio also repeatedly approach works by contemporary Scandinavian composers to contribute to the contemporary understanding of music. In 2007, the Dane Bent Sørensen dedicated his shadowy work Phantasmagoria to the ensemble.

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