Mon. 19 Jul. 2021 | 7:00 p.m. | Kiel | Freilichtbühne Krusenkoppel, Open Air | K 52

Mnozil Brass Open Air

Mnozil Brass Open Air

Mnozil Brass

Freilichtbühne Krusenkoppel, Open Air Düsternbrooker Weg 81, Kiel,


Slapstick, irony, the bizarre, and the absurd garnished with highly virtuoso brass music and the finest a cappella singing – this is Mnozil Brass. 
The Gasthaus Mnozil is located in the central 1st District of Vienna, directly opposite the University of Music and Performing Arts. At the beginning of the 1990s, seven young brass players met here regularly for an open jam. It’s from there that they began their triumphal march in applied brass music for all situations in life around the globe under the name “Mnozil Brass”. The Austrian brass ensemble entertains with unique cabaret arrangements of traditional wind music crossing into the realms of popular music, jazz, opera and operetta – all at the highest level of musicality. The seven thoroughbred musicians and entertainers, all of them virtuosos of their instruments, have an impressive creative output, which is reflected not least of all in their fancy costumes. They have brought new productions to the stage nearly every year since 2000, always playing with earnest flippancy. With their new program “PHOENIX”, Mnozil Brass turns the tables: The musicians are now illuminating the serious things in life – admittedly in a way that isn’t all too serious. Mnozil Brass doesn’t dwell on sadness this time either, but rather rises from the ashes in a cheerful manner.

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