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Nevermind, Mr Bach!

Nevermind, Mr Bach!


Kirche Kirchstr. 8, Nusse,

Works by Telemann and Bach

Early music can be really old-fashioned at times. Apart from the baroque highlights, it rarely garners much attention. But if a Telemann is played in the fashion of the famous French quartet Nevermind, then enthusiasm knows no bounds. Anna Besson, traverse flute, Louis Creac'h, viola, Robin Pharo, viola da gamba, and Jean Rondeau, harpsichord, all of whom have studied at the prestigious Conservatoire de Paris, approach the old repertoire with the gaze of young metropolitans. The three gentlemen wear trendy, hip beards in addition to Jean Rondeau’s already trademark wild hair style. The four of them did not record the trailer for their Telemann record in a Baroque setting, but in a factory hall, and the cover of their Conversations album depicts two ears, one of which is pierced, a mouth, and a single eye. But anyone inclined to deny their “historically informed” competence based on their outward appearances would be totally mistaken: the four are masters of their art!

Supported by Kulturinitiative Sandesneben-Nusse

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