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Omer & Brahms
29 Jul. 2022
Fri. 29 Jul. 20227:30 p.m.Flensburg Deutsches HausK 100
Fri. 29 Jul. 20227:30 p.m.Flensburg Deutsches HausK 100

Omer & Brahms


Veronika Eberle, violin
Steven Isserlis, violoncello
Alessio Vicario, clarinet
Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra
Omer Meir Wellber, conductor and accordion


Johannes Brahms:
Double Concerto for violin, violoncello, and orchestra in A minor, Op. 102
Paul Ben-Haim:
Symphony No. 1
Joe Schittino:
Double Concerto for accordion, clarinet, and orchestra

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54 / € 48 / € 38 / € 28 / € 18

“I have not been able to resist the idea of a concerto for violin and cello, no matter how hard I’ve tried to talk myself out of it,” Johannes Brahms wrote to a friend in 1887. This is a real stroke of luck for us! Although the reactions at the time were not entirely positive. The influential music critic Eduard Hanslick reviewed: “Such a double concerto resembles a drama which, instead of one hero, has two, who only stand in each other’s way.” The solo concerto, with its focus on a single virtuoso, was the emerging genre in the 19th century, which may be the cause of Brahms’ somewhat ironic comment on his last composition for orchestra. Today, the masterpiece is indisputably part of the standard repertoire for violin and cello. Two internationally distinguished soloists, Veronika Eberle and Steven Isserlis, will join the festival orchestra for a truly virtuosic sound. The Israeli conductor Omer Meir Wellber will also bring along Paul Ben-Haim’s Symphony No. 1, a compositional milestone from his homeland. It was composed in 1939/40 and is the first major work commissioned for what is now the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

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