Sa 07.12.2019 | 20 |Meldorf | Dom | WK 2

Pepe Romero

Pepe Romero

Pepe Romero, Gitarre
I Musici di Roma

Dom Südermarkt, Meldorf,

Werke von Geminiani, Boccherini u. a.

“As far as I remember, I thought of myself to be a guitarist; it was something I was, not something I was to become.” Pepe Romero’s website starts with this sentence. We might add:  As long as you can imagine, the only thing that comes to mind when thinking about a guitarist is: Pepe Romero. Although Romero has been living in the US since 1957, the Malaga-born musician is thoroughly Spaniard. Almost all of his programs have a Spanish section, including the Christmas concert he is performing at the SHMF together with the Musici di Roma. Luigi Boccherini was indeed Italian, but as is known, spent much of his life in Spain. With the fandango from his String Quintet in D major, he created a real piece for Spain. In addition to Spanish-inspired themes, three concerti grossi from two England Baroque composers are on the program. These are not originals, but arrangements of popular works by Scarlatti and Corelli.

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