Sa 06.07.2019 | 10 |Lübeck | Villa Brahms | SYM 1

SHMF Symposion

SHMF Symposion

Wolfgang Sandberger, Leading

Villa Brahms Jerusalemsberg 4, Lübeck,

»Bach after Bach«
SHMF Symposium and expositiion at the Brahms-Institut

When Robert Schumann searches for Bach's grave in the Leipzig cemetery, the gravedigger only answers: "There are many Bach". For composers and performers, however, there is usually only one Bach: Johann Sebastian. For Beethoven he is the "forefather of harmony", for Max Reger the "beginning and end of all music" and for Claude Debussy even "the dear God of music". Posterity makes Bach a figure of identification who represents the potential of music par excellence.
The symposium's focus on Bach at the SHMF will focus on the diverse confrontations with this unique composer: from Mendelssohn's pioneering work (the "St. Matthew Passion" is being performed again in 1829) to Bach transcriptions à la Liszt and Busoni or Bach arrangements by Mahler, Elgar or Schönberg to the jazzed Bach of Jacques Loussier.
The exhibition at Villa Brahms focuses on the special relationship between Brahms and Bach's music - with precious exhibits from the valuable collection of the Brahms Institute. The focus is on the Bach experiences of Brahms, who has studied Bach as a pianist and conductor, as a collector and arranger, but above all as a composer.

In collaboration with the Brahms-Institut at the Musikhochschule Lübeck
The symposium is supported by the Possehl-Stiftung.

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