Sa 28.07.2018 | 19 |Lübeck | Heiligen-Geist-Hospital | K 98

The Lübeck Music Festival - Evening hour

Der britische Stargeiger Daniel Hope posiert am 26.01.2016 in Berlin. Foto: Britta Pedersen/ZB | Verwendung weltweit

Daniel Hope, Violin
CarlaMaria Rodrigues, Viola
Josephine Knight, Violoncello
Schumann Quartet

Heiligen-Geist-Hospital Koberg 11, Lübeck,

Felix Mendelssohn:
String quintet in B flat major no.2 op.87
Johannes Brahms:
String sextet no.1 in B flat major op.18

The concert series with Daniel Hope has been a huge success in the past four years. The concept of finding places in the Hanseatic city with a special aura and filling them with music has been fascinating both locals and artists alike. The driving force behind the project is Daniel Hope, who once again has invited some of his great "family" – musician friends from all over the world - to perform in eleven one-hour concerts in Lübeck.

The Lübeck Music Festival is supported by Possehl-Stiftung

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