Sat. 17 Jul. 2021 | 2:00 p.m. | Lübeck | Kulturwerft Gollan, Open Air | WS A

Werftsommer – A Big Open-Air Party

Wallis Bird. Berlin 2019 © Jens Oellermann Fotografie. To be used for free with a photo credit "Foto: Jens Oellermann"

Alicia Edelweiss
Wallis Bird

Kulturwerft Gollan, Open Air Einsiedelstraße 6, Lübeck,

A colorful line-up of singer-songwriters and bands can be experienced over two days on an open-air stage on the grounds of the former shipyard. On Saturday, Alicia Edelweiss, reggae star Patrice, and Wallis Bird will deliver the summer mood to the soul. The venue holds other exciting discoveries in addition to the concerts. Local restaurants will provide culinary delights, ensuring a fun-filled day with friends, music, and good times right in the city center.

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