Meisterkurs Gesang; Helen Donath; Sargis Mzikyan, Tenor - Fotograf Gerhard Brüggemann SHMF-Masterclass mit Christoph Pregardien, 29.07.21 SHMF-Masterclass mit Christoph Pregardien, 29.07.21

About the Masterclasses

For more than 30 years, internationally renowned artists and pedagogues have committed themselves to the advanced education of talented students in solistic manner as well as in chamber music. In the course of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, about 150 active participants arrive in Lübeck every summer to be taught by the grand masters of their instruments. Important musicians like David Geringas, Christoph Prégardien or Tabea Zimmermann along with other internationally reputated artists stay in the University of Music Lübeck for some time to pass on their experience and knowledge to the next generation. Major names of the classical world – e.g. Christiane Karg, Vilde Frang, Maxim Vengerov or VOCES8 have visited the Masterclasses at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival during their own studies. Some of them - as for example Jens Peter Maintz - return as renowned pedagogues.

The University of Music Lübeck, which consists of venerable and listed merchant and citizen’s houses, offers the ideal space for inspiring lessons and a concentrated working atmosphere. Besides perfect conditions for practicing, the participant‘s individual development will be encouraged by complementary workshops. The charming courtyards invite to sit down for pleasant hours after the concerts and offer an open space for artistic exchange.

The Masterclasses at Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival are open to the public. Everyone is invited to join as passive observer and gain insight into the daily musical work. Information concerning teaching times, guest tickets and concert tickets can be inquired at the office in the University of Music. At the end of each class, a concert will take place, where the students present the results of their intense work. The program arises from the artistic work of the respective course. The concerts take place either in the concert hall at the University of Music or in the course of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. 

The personal commitment of private persons and institutions enables the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival to provide a limited number of scholarships for selected students. If you want to support a young musician on his way to an international career, you can do this in the framework of a sponsorship. Please contact us for further information.

The Masterclasses are sponsored by the Possehl Foundation Lübeck.


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