Asya Fateyeva is artist in residence! 

Portraitkünstlerin portraits von Asya Fateyeva für Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

Showing the saxophone as a versatile instrument with classical origins - that is the mission of this year's portrait artist Asya Fateyeva. Born in Crimea in 1990, the saxophonist specializes in music from the baroque, classical, romantic and modern periods. For her SHMF artist portrait, she has put together a multifaceted program with a total of 17 concerts and events. These include symphonic works, chamber music, early and contemporary music and a workshop. 

As there is little original literature for her instrument in classical music, Asya Fateyeva takes great pleasure in arrangements and experiments with the characteristic sound of her instrument, especially in chamber music: whether an early baroque program or medieval chants arranged for saxophone, hurdy-gurdy, cello and vibraphone; whether music from the 1920s by Erwin Schulhoff or an encounter between organ and saxophone; whether jazz, world music or pop - everything is possible with her.

She juxtaposes Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", played by Avi Avital, with contemporary compositions by David Bruce, Benjamin Scheuer and others.  In her program "Dancing Queen" with the lautten compagney BERLIN, she brings together the hits of ABBA with the baroque sounds of Jean-Philippe Rameau. Fateyeva presents a delightful sound facet in the "Venetian Choral Night": here she uses the saxophone in polyphonic vocal works together with the NDR Vokalensemble. "Saxophone can be anything. It takes me further and further and shows me a new side every time," Asya Fateyeva enthuses about her instrument.

She has invited many musical friends to her performances, including the bassoonist Sergio Azzolini, the cellist Tanja Tetzlaff, the violinist Florian Donderer, the pianist Stepan Simonian, the percussionist Emil Kuyumcuyan, the lutenist Thor-Harald Johnsen and the master of the hurdy-gurdy, Matthias Loibner.

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