Schenefeld / Mittelholstein / Bonifatiuskirche
Schenefeld / Mittelholstein / Bonifatiuskirche
Schenefeld / Mittelholstein

The Bonifatiuskirche in Schenefeld / Mittelholstein was built around the year 820. It, along with the churches in Meldorf and Heiligenstedten, is one of the first baptismal churches in Schleswig-Holstein. The church and the parsonage form the center of the village, which has twice been the winner of the competitions for most attractive village and village with future. In 2013 the SHMF was at this impressive church for the first time.


14 Jul. 2023
7:30 p.m.


Holstenstr. 31
25560 Schenefeld / Mittelholstein (Kreis Steinburg)

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