Lübeck / St. Marien

Lübeck / St. Marien
Marienkirche Decke

St. Marien zu Lübeck is one of the most important churches in Northern Europe and an impressive testimony to the history of Lübeck. It marks a place in the city with which many Lübeckers identify to a high degree. This is not only due to the city symbol "Lübecker Krone" and the term "7 Towers", but also to the recent history of destruction and reconstruction after the Second World War. Wonders and wounds lie close together in this church. And the experience of a successful reconstruction after the dramatic caesura of 1942 is certainly one of the greatest wonders in the history of this church. The lively examination of the past and present in St. Marien, with all its identifiable breaks and contradictions, can be read in a uniquely condensed form. In church services, concerts, cultural events and guided tours, hundreds of thousands of visitors experience this unique place of spirituality and community, part of the world cultural heritage of Lübeck's old town, every year.


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Marienkirchhof 1
23552 Lübeck